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  • You may use any linking text or graphic you wish to send traffic. We provide banners that you can use, and you may also use any link or banner of your own devising. All clicks to our site must be the result of a surfer voluntarily clicking on a link on a webpage.
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  • Checks are paid weekly by The minimum amount for payment is $25.00. Any revenue generated that is less than $25.00 will be rolled over to the next pay period. All payments are in US Dollars.
  • US Citizens & Residents are required to enter a Federal Tax ID or Social Security Number on the registration form.
  •  SPAMMING IS NOT ALLOWED! The webmasters of do not promote or want webmasters spamming in anyway - NO EXCEPTIONS! We will withhold all funds, and delete accounts of person(s) believed to be involved in spamming or abusing the VirginRiches sites. Spamming includes: newsgroups, unwanted e-mail, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, IRC, or any other forms of promotion we consider unlawful.
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